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The BeeG

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After a short discussion, we found the benefit of filming at a well-known European studio, which does not want to do with the girls that they sometimes frown and do not want to be removed because of their profession. That's another heroine trying to pretend that she is happy with the white sofa, which in […]

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Somehow, respect for simple Russian women who travel around Europe in a hitchhiking and trade their bodies is lost. Well, you can not hitch with the carriers, or rather fuck, it contradicts the idea of ​​hitchhiking and insults the stopares. The Russian girl showed her tits and stopped the car to get to Barcelona and […]

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A blonde, a Komsomol member, a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and just a beautiful girl went to an international symposium in Barcelona with the aim of eating illicit products and imbued with a capitalist spirit. So to say, to know the enemy in person and continue to fight with even […]