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Victoria Pure

Name Jennifer Jacobs
Born  Age 28 from Czech
Weight  5’4
Measurements  32B-24-35
Number of Movies 20+


Gorgeous Czech blonde Victoria Pure is the girl you’ve always dreamed of. Her slim figure has just the right amount of bust along with a pair of delightful nipples that beg to be sucked. If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy the hot wetness of her bald pussy, you will enjoy every tight moment as she guides your strokes with her moans of pleasure. Remaining before the mirror in simply her bra and undies, Victoria Unadulterated respects her tight body. Her hands touch her tits even as her eyes do the same once she has diminished herself of her bra. She’s going to slip her hands additionally down when Scratch Ross joins her. Joyfully obliging the adjustment in plans, Victoria allures Scratch to join her. When he has wrapped his arms around her from behind, Victoria manages his huge hand down to glass her hot pussy underneath her clothing.

Pivoting in Scratch’s arms, Victoria gradually directs him to the bed. At that point she pulls his briefs off so his hard chicken springs free. Inclining forward, she gets a handle on the base of Scratch’s dick with her hand so she can stroke it while sucking the tip. Rotating between that delicate suction and lapping her tongue along her sweetheart’s pole, Victoria works Scratch up to a fever pitch. At the point when Scratch turns Victoria around and alleviates her of her undies in the middle of kisses to her back, she curves her back in please. At that point he settles himself on the bed with the goal that she can continue sucking him of while he pulls her base down to her face. Their 69 is sweet and exotic, and everything Victoria has needed.

Moving onto her back, Victoria lifts one leg high noticeable all around so Scratch can take a couple of more swipes at her smooth opening with his tongue. At that point he ascends and enters Victoria’s tight twat. His hardon fills her to the overflow as he gives her the long profound infiltration that she hungers for. Turning her hips with the goal that he changes the edge of infiltration, he fucks her gradually so he’s hitting another arrangement of weaknesses somewhere inside.

Getting staring her in the face and knees, Victoria offers herself to Scratch for another round of joy. He backpedals to work with his mouth, lapping at her uncovered puss as well as at her rear-end. Hearing Victoria’s pants of delight, Scratch willingly volunteers skim once more into her tricky gap. His hands moored on her hips, Scratch pounds away at Victoria’s twat so hard that her titties shake.

At the point when Scratch flips onto his back, Victoria rushes to straddle him with the goal that she can sink down onto his erection. She squanders no time in going for a maximum capacity stiffie ride that abandons her uncovered pussy beating with bliss. Minutes after the fact, Scratch gives Victoria a chance to drain the peak from him also. He doesn’t haul out before he cums, rather glutting his sweetheart with a creampie that she dunks her fingers into and licks clean.

Victoria Pure Sexy Photos

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