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Alexis Fawx

Name Alexis Fawx, Alexis Faux
Born June 23, 1975, Pennsylvania, USA
Height 5 ft 4 in (162 cm)
Weight 99 lbs (45 kg)
Measurements 32DDD-24-33
Number of Movies 160+

Early life

Alexis Fawx was conceived on June 23, 1975 of every a residential area in Pennsylvania where she grew up. She was brought up in a residential community way of life. Her family life was great. Amid her secondary school days, she was a wild kid and celebrated a considerable measure in Washington DC. When she graduated secondary school Alexis went into the military, the aviation based armed forces, and the she went into school. After she graduated, Alexis moved to Florida. She was in the military for just about 4 years, yet left it early when her dad passed away and her family required her assistance. She lost her virginity early and wound up plainly unbridled a short time later. Alexis was likewise with young ladies, yet it was never genuine until the point that she was twenty years of age when she had her first lesbian relationship.

In case you’re a little fledgling of a degenerate scanning for a maternal fox to keep you warm and cozy in the middle of some amazing boob-age, at that point set your oopsy-daisy locates on Alexis Fawx. This is one eager, horny mother who’s put her age and experience to a definitive test of being a champion MILF in a universe of regular skanky ladies. She’s hot, coy, and once in a while out and out frightful. Alexis has that regular cougar magnificence in her face, however with regards to that rack, she’s tossed nature over the edge for some experimentally upgraded ponder containers. Those Triple D sweet pockets of joy can give you eye-gasms through your PC, and the ones who get the opportunity to grab them are so fortunate they should leak cum out of their fingertips. Miss Fawx was conceived in Pennsylvania in the mid ’70s. When she was beginning to wind up noticeably a cockerel eating wonder skank, the porn business was going to be reformed through DVDs and the World Wide Web. Alexis hopped on the fuck-wagon a couple of years after the fact, in the wake of being a consistent porn-watching devotee, concluding that being an observer wasn’t sufficient. Only a couple of years into the diversion, Alexis was at that point to a lesser degree an understudy and even more an instructor in the methods for skanky ball-tickling. Regardless of whether it’s one-on-one with a youthful buck, or offering a hard unresolved issue companion, Alexis dependably takes the show, and the semen.

Porn Life

While requiring significant investment off from being a para-lawful and searching for an alternate employment, Alexis saw a promotion for an additional in a porno, on Craig’s List. As somebody who preferred and watched porn, she definitely comprehended what studio was shooting the scene. She chose to apply for the activity, so she went there and they told how much cash she can gain for being an additional, how much for a sensual caress, and so forth .

Alexis FawxShe was certain that she needed to do it and had decent time doing it. Fawx’s vocation begun in 2010 when she was thirty-five years of age. Soon after her begin, she got an agreement with BangBros and the entire start of her profession was in Florida.

Individual life

This hot blonde milf is a free vivacious and liberal young lady. She enjoys folks and young ladies that have comical inclination, who are receptive, fun and who have life of their own also. In her leisure time she jumps at the chance to peruse, invest energy with her puppy, yet in addition does gutsy things like sky plunging. She appreciates voyaging, boxing and she would love to master kiting. She adores masterful movies and appreciates cooking and eating. On the off chance that she could lay down with any big name, male or female, she’d do it with Scarlet Johansson and Christian Bale.

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